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I started this blog on 1, August 2014. I just uploaded some photographs only. Will write the experiences of the travel. Please, wait for me! Each photos- a full view recommended!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Parunthu Para ( Eagle Rock)

At the tip of  Eagle Rock

That was an amazing sight I have ever seen! When My friend  informed us about the place , I hadn't had any image about the sight in my mind! When I saw it, OH MY God, that was a mindblowing scene I have ever seen in my life! We, friends reached in the noon there! Our travel was in a monsoon season of Kerala. Even though a noon time, the atmosphere there was freezing! What I am telling is that, we reached the hill on a day of extreme weather! When a wind blow, the fog will cover all over sight! Even the person who stand next to us vanished in the fog.! but the next moment , with another wind, the fog moved away and we could see the greenary!
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