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I started this blog on 1, August 2014. I just uploaded some photographs only. Will write the experiences of the travel. Please, wait for me! Each photos- a full view recommended!

Monday, August 11, 2014

At the tip of Eagle Rock

At the tip of  Eagle Rock

It was the most amazing sight I've ever seen! When my friend told us about the place, I had no idea what the sight looked like!  It was the most mind-blowing scene I've ever seen in my life when I saw it! We reached there at noon with our friends! We traveled during Kerala's monsoon season. Even though it was noon, the atmosphere was freezing! The weather was extreme when we reached the hill! It is impossible to see anything when there is a wind blowing! The person who stood next to us also vanished in the fog. With another wind, the fog moved away and we could see the greenery!
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It got the name( Parunthu=Eagle, Paara=Rock) because of its shape 

Climbing down to reach Parunthu para 

When the mist Came 

Clear view without Mist 

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